Evil Cherise
Margaret Pitcher's Resumes: MarketingEditorialEvent Production

Marketing Emails: designed templates, built HTML pages, wrote copy, uploaded content, distributed and tracked results. • 01020304050607080910

Program Guide Content + Artist Bios: High Sierra Music Festival ProgramHigh Sierra Artist Bios
Oversaw design and production of program guide; wrote, edited and proofread all content; managed freelance graphic designer and printer; wrote, edited and proofread 58 artist bios (excerpted) and condensed copy to fit into capsule format (< 75 words each); managed ad sales.

Press Releases: Blue Bear Benefit 2014Blue Bear Benefit 2013Guitarfish Festival 2013
Wrote, edited, proofread and distributed to national, regional and local media.

B.E.W. ProductionsWebsite Redesign: worked with client and graphic designer to completely redesign an existing site; created templates using static mock-up from graphic designer; modified HTML design and graphics per client's feedback; assisted with photo selection and copy editing.

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